Whimsical photography is bringing fairy tales to life. It is something you might never have seen before – it is unlike any ordinary photograph and it is a fine art portrait. Creating fairy tale scenes in real life may sound like a Herculean task, but it is something I love doing. For me, working on whimsical portraits is a joy, which is why I create this magic every day. You will get a better idea after having a thorough discussion directly with me in the free consultation, and when you actually see the magic unfold in the Whimsical photo-shoot.

Creating a whimsical masterpiece is nothing less than a creative challenge consisting of different steps – racking your brain to come up with a creative idea for the theme, planning and creating the scene until the last detail, conducting the shoot and finally the postproduction editing. Post editing does of whimsical portraits does not only consist of basic corrections, but it also includes photo manipulation. Magical elements such as flowing mystical rivers or fireflies are created through photo manipulation, to enhance the aesthetics of the portrait. Even the minutest details matter when it comes to Whimsical portraits, which why they require hours of extensive editing and photo manipulation.

A lot of careful planning and hard work goes in to bring these whimsical scenes to life. Selecting the props, finalizing the outfits, choosing the correct lighting and deciding what elements to add are just some of the many things I handle to ensure that you get nothing but the best. I present you with creative and unique photographs and exquisite wall arts to adorn your walls.

If you want a whimsical portrait done then give me a call at +773-744-4260 for a free consultation.