Family photography is essential to capture the memories, love, and bonding that is shared amongst the family. Times change, kids grow up and moments pass, things never stay the same. However, you can still cherish what you have now and relive the old days through the photographs. I understand how special the bond is that you share with your family. Thus, I create family portraits you can hang in your home as an heirloom. Moreover, you can even get a family photograph taken annually to document the changes in the family and see how your kids grew up.

Your family portrait is a representation of you as a family, which is why I try to find out about how you like to spend time together as a family, in the consultation. I will ask you about which activity do you love doing as a family, or what is your favourite family game. All this helps me come up with the perfect idea for your family portrait, that showcases you as a family. The portrait will capture you as a family; each element will be chosen with great care and will have a meaning behind it.

I put a great deal of effort and endless hours in carefully planning everything from the initial shot to the final edit, so the photograph turns out exceptional. I want to capture your familial bond, the love that you share, the essence and beauty of your relationship, the happiness, laughter and more.

I spend an average of 30 to 40 hours on editing before showing you the images and guiding you about what would look best in the album, as a portrait, in a wall art and more. Afterward, I double check all the photographs, create custom albums and will hand deliver everything to you. Seeing the expression of glee on your family’s faces upon viewing the masterpieces is what is the ultimate compensation for me.

I aspire to create artworks that will stay in your family for generations and will be cherished through the ages. The fine art portraits that I create are like time capsules or heirlooms, which can be viewed whenever you are hit by nostalgia.

If you want to get a family album or family portrait made, then call at +773-744-4260 for a free consultation.

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