Creative Seniors

Senior year is a confusing yet memorable time. It is the time when you are full of life and hope, you are optimistic about achieving everything you dream of and are scared of nothing. Documenting this time through photographs is imperative to preserve who you once were, your spirit and drive so you can be motivated towards chasing your dreams later on in life if you are going through a tough time or are feeling hopeless. Photographs are like a time capsule that preserves memories. Not just for yourself but senior year photographs are also something, which your parents will cherish and bring out at every momentous occasion of your life growing older, whether it is introducing them to your significant other, getting your dream job or visiting them during the holidays with your kids. However, this is only possible if the photographs that are taken perfectly capture the essence of that time, for which you require the assistance of the right photographer because once those moments have passed, they will never come back.

I believe in capturing these memories at the right time and turning them into works of art which you can cherish as family heirlooms, put in your family album or use to adorn the walls of your living room. In order to do so, she tries to find out as much about you as possible – your likes, passion, dreams, hobbies and more. The reason behind the inquisitiveness is to create a masterpiece that is not only a perfect representation of that time but also of you, and how you were then. Finding out more about you helps her concoct a unique idea for the theme of the photograph, decide the location, backdrop, outfit, props, and plan each and every little detail that goes in creating the perfect portrait.

I spend days planning the details of the portrait, and more days in turning that idea into reality after which the actual session takes place. However, the photography session is not the end; after the session, I spend endless hours on editing to ensure that the image is flawless, and contains only the right elements. Once the edits are done, I will arrange a creative slideshow for you, along with which I will guide you, to help you choose the perfect images that will become the actual artworks. This is followed by proofing, the creation of the masterpieces and finally, all of it is I hand deliver to you.

If you want your creative photographs taken to eternalize your senior year by someone who understands its significance, then call for a free consultation at +773-744-4260

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